Rik van Leeuwen (2024)
Data-Driven Strategies in Hospitality

Daniel Hopman (2020)
The real theory and practice of revenue management
Jointly supervised with Rob van der Mei

Qingchen Wang (2019)
Machine Learning Applications in Operations Management and Digital Marketing
Jointly supervised with Marc Salomon

Dirk Sierag (2017)
Revenue Management in the Hotel Industry - from practice to theory
Jointly supervised with Rob van der Mei, Bert Zwart and Jean-Pierre van der Rest

Sihan Ding (2016)
Workforce management in call centers - Forecasting, staffing and empirical studies
Jointly supervised with Rob van der Mei

Karim Ghanes (ECP, 2016)
Operations optimization in emergency departments
Jointly supervised with Zied Jemai and Oualid Jouini

Dennis Moeke (2016)
Towards high-value(d) nursing home care
Jointly supervised with Lineke Verkooijen

Benjamin Legros (ECP, 2013)
Optimization of multi-channel and multi-skill call centers
Jointly supervised with Yves Dallery and Oualid Jouini

Paulien Koeleman (2013)
A careful solution: patient scheduling in health care

Alwin Haensel (2012)
Choice-set demand in revenue management: Unconstraining, forecasting and optimization

Alex Roubos (2012)
Service-level variability and impatience in call centers

Shuangqing Liao (ECP, 2011)
Staffing and shift scheduling of call centers under call arrival rate uncertainty
Jointly supervised with Christian van Delft and Oualid Jouini

Marco Bijvank (2009)
Service inventory management: Solution techniques for inventory systems without backorders
Jointly supervised with Iris Vis

Maarten Soomer (2009)
Runway operations scheduling using airline preferences

Menno Dobber (2006)
Robust applications in time-shared distributed systems
Jointly supervised with Rob van der Mei

Auke Pot (2006)
Planning and routing algorithms for multi-skill contact centers

Geert Jan Franx (2004)
A full probabilistic approach to waiting time distributions
Jointly supervised with Nico van Dijk

Sandjai Bhulai (2002)
Markov decision processes: the control of high-dimensional systems