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This is the first version of a new calculator. Every time you push the "compute" button you get a different answer. This illustrates, especially for low values of the simulation time, the variability in service level.

The average over many short simulations or 1 long simulation approximates the Erlang formulas. To get the Erlang C results a high patience should be entered. By clicking on the following two links we use Erlang C and simulation for the same example:
- simulation (of 10 days)
- Erlang C
The results are slightly different because of the variability of the simulation. Every time you execute the simulation you get a different result, sometimes lower, sometimes higher than the Erlang C outcome.

Note that the results for the Erlang X are slightly different because of a different SL definition. For more details, see Section 2.4 of Call Center Optimization.

These calculators are based on CCmath engines.
They can be implemented in any software tool and also be called from within Excel.
For more information on these engines please contact CCmath.

The calculators are meant as an illustration of the "Call Center Optimization" book.
They should not be used without a thorough understanding of their specifications and limitations.

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