Submitted papers:

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  2. Implementing rapid cancer diagnositics (with Anne van der Werf, Sonja Zweegman and others).
  3. Waiting-time distributions in call blending models (with René Bekker, Petra Vis and Bartlomiej Zaber).
  4. Cost-optimal call center forecasting and staffing (with Sihan Ding).
  5. Front-office multitasking between service encounters and back-office tasks (with Benjamin Legros, Oualid Jouini and Zeynep Aksin).

Refereed papers:

  1. Should we wait before outsourcing? Analysis of a revenue-generating blended contact center (with Benjamin Legros and Oualid Jouini).
    To appear in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.
  2. A comparative study of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance (with Luis Silvestrin and Mark Hoogendoorn).
    To appear in the proceedings of IEEE SSCI 2019.
  3. An adaptive priority policy for radiotherapy (with Siqiao Li and Xiaolan Xie).
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Publications in the professional literature:

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Popular-scientific articles:

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